The fall list – 10 of the nicest things to do in October and November

Fall list 1

September has passed and October is once again back with its beautiful colors and changing weather. Often September in Denmark is sort of an “in between” month. It is not summer but it is not really fall either, while in October you have no doubt what is coming; rainy November and a cold winter.

The theme of my fall seems to be spending time with the people I love, de-cluttering and eating…

My to do list this fall is the following:

– Go for long walks outside – anywhere. Admiring the beautiful fall colors and soaking in the last sun of the year. Bring a blanket and hot coco/coffee and this is almost as good as it gets.

– Collect mushrooms and chestnuts (and cooking and eating them afterwards).

– Go through my home in the search of the things that seems to stress me in my everyday life. It can be those annoying drawers that always seem to be one big clutter (we ALL have them) or maybe my wardrobe needs to go through a clean out (again)?

– Fill the house with plants and fresh flowers. On dark rainy days fresh flowers can somehow often lighten the mood a bit.

– Go for a weekend getaway (I have already checked that one off of my list. My Paris recommendations are coming up).

– Go visit Tivoli during Halloween where the whole park is covered with pumpkins (Tivoli is one of the oldest amusement parks in the world and a must see if you are ever in Copenhagen).

– Explore my neighborhood. I always seem to forget the places closest to home. Hopefully this is going to change.

– Invite friends over for wine and tapas.

– Treat myself with a beauty treatment at my very favorite beauty therapist Anita Falslund.

– Try out High Tea at Perchs (the oldest tea shop in Copenhagen).

xx A

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