Race memories

New year – new race year.

I just wanted to share an idea on how to display races and race results without using medals and/or trophies.

After a race Jacob used to place his trophy in the living room and often in the middle of the table or some other very obvious place. I’m not a fan of decorating my home with medals or trophies, however, I like that there are some kind of memories from our races since it is a big part of our life. Thus, I decided to make a “race memories” board to him. My idea was to make something that could easily be updated every time he finished a new race. I decided to buy a board as I could then easily add a new picture after every race and also write a small text to each race. To begin with it looked like this

….and it looked like this for a year as I forgot to update it….

After the end of last year’s race season I finally got it updated. As there wasn’t enough space on the board to have pictures and text of all his races, I decided only to include the races that he participated in during 2015. My plan is now to update the board every year with races from that particular year.


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