Blogs we love to follow #1

To give you a bit of inspiration on who to follow when using Bloglovin, I have listed a few of my favorite blogs below. This is in no way an exhaustive list but these are some of the blogs I always scroll down to see if they have published a new post.

I have followed many of these blogs for years; it almost feels like I have grown up with some of these girls… I have followed them through their ups and downs, boyfriends, engagements, marriages, children, jobs, apartments, houses etc. Some of them are a bit older than me and some of them are a bit younger, some of them are married, some have children and none of them has the same type of job as I do. However, they all have the same thing in common; they all somehow let us have a small glimpse of their lives and personality. I rarely comment on their blog posts, but I hope that they know that I am here (and I know that many others are as well).

Even though the listed blogs primarily are in Danish, almost all of them have English recaps and if that is not the case I know the internet will help you along.

So here it goes (in no particular order):

Emily Salomon
Full time blogger and author Emily Salomon. Emily runs a lifestyle blog with sort of an effortless vibe to it (meant in the absolutely most positive way). If you are looking for a personal, well written blog with beautiful pictures, this is a place to go.

Emily salomon

{Photo credit: Emily Salomon }

Twin peaks
Full time blogger, twin mom and entrepreneur Mette Marie Lei Lange. The words “honesty” and “humor” basically sum up the blog where you follow her job as a full time blogger and her life as a mother of a set of beautiful twins.


{Photo credit: Twinpeaks }

Passions for Fashion
Full time blogger and designer Christina Dueholm. I have followed Christina for years; from back when she was a young girl to now as a designer of her own clothing line. Christina has an impeccable style that always inspires me.


{Photo credit: Passions for Fashion }

Radiohost Cathrine Nissen. Cathrine has a thing with words. I do not know how she does it but she plays with her texts in a way that I admire and that lures me in as a reader. And if that is not enough, it seems like her closet is a treasure chest of admirable dresses, shoes and bags.


{Photo credit: RockPaperDresses }

Freelancer Louise Guldager. Louise is also an excellent writer. She is often able to put her finger on what we all are thinking but no-one is saying. I love following her and her daughter “the pope” who occasionally “preaches” on the blog as well.


{Photo credit: Guldlog }


A list of international blogs we follow is also on its way.

xx A

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