Warm Lemon Water – Every Morning

After my juice cleanse I picked up a habit that I (try to) practice every morning; I drink warm lemon water.

I boil a cup of water and add some cold water to have a cup of warm but not boiling hot water. Cold water is harder for the body to process which is why the water has to be warm/lukewarm. I then simply squeeze 1/2 an organic lemon into a glass and drink it first thing before I eat anything, workout, etc.

To protect the enamel on my teeth (from the acids that comes with the lemon juice) I drink the lemon water with a straw.

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The said benefits are many: aids digestion, cleanses your system, balances pH levels, hydrates lymph system, clears skin, boosts your immune system, energizes and enhances mood, promotes healing, freshens breath, aids weight loss….

Whether all of them are correct, I do not know. I can, however, see a difference in my skin whether I stick to starting the day with the cup of warm lemon water or whether I am slacking a bit. And I love the fresh feeling that comes with it; after a long night of sleep the water hydrates and gives me a lighter feeling.

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