Interior inspiration #5

A few weeks ago we shared this colourful home. Today it’s about something completely different. This time the colours are quite neutral but the home is special in so many other ways.

I found this super cool and super special loft apartment during my search for glass walls.

The architects have used a mix of glass, brick and wood but manage to keep a great balance between the different materials.

loft ap1

loft ap9

I wouldn’t mind having this beautiful bedroom which is separated from the living area with a large glass wall with metal frames. An awesome walk-in closet on one side and a home workspace on the other and of course a huge glass window which offers specular view of the city.

loft ap8

loft ap7

The brick wall is present in almost every room and so is the yellow colour.

loft ap2


But it doesn’t stop here… The architects have added a industrial flair to the apartment with this stone bathroom, industrial style lightning, wooden boxes and stand alone cobbler tub.




And just as you think that’s it; a green wall appears in the dining area and a red door in the entrance.



Just like the yellow colour the red colour is carefully selected and matches, inter alia, the red wire in the bathroom and the table legs in the dining area. The red and the yellow colour give the apartment a pleasant and inviting look.

I’m super impressed by the architects who manage to get so many different features into in a 155 square meters apartment and end up with such a cool apartment.

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