Something about skin care and test of dermaroller

I have dry skin. I feel like it is sort of a confession to say (write) it out loud. Hello, my name is Anne and I have dry skin…

Well, it is the truth. I have dry skin and windy cold winters, long hot showers and indoor radiator heat do not help – at all.

Favorite Anita Falslund and I (or Anita mostly) have tried to find the perfect solution for me when it comes to moisturizing my skin. It turns out that what most people would consider way too much is not enough for me.

Besides focusing on moisturizing from the outside I have also focused on trying to moisturize from the inside drinking lots of water, eating fish several times a week, avocados, almonds etc.

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In the summer the combination of Lings products are just perfect for me. I love them. But this winter they simply have not been enough and it feels like I have been trying to fight an endless battle.

So now we are trying something else.

A new procedure and new products.

I will try out the Dermaroller® which is a micro-needling roller that is supposed to boost my skin. I have read about it and many people, including Danica, have seen great results.


Anita performed my first Dermaroller® treatment the other day. She rolled my skin, added Vitamin A and topped it off a with a mask of hyaluronic acid to moisturize.

Afterwards my skin felt really warm – like a light sunburn – but it also immediately looked fresher.

To really try to find a solution that works, I also started on the Bioeffect EGF Serum which I also mentioned on my Birthday wish list. It is supposed to be the best treatment for dry Nordic skin and I cross my fingers that this is going to be the right solution for me and my dry skin.


I have remembered to take before pictures and I will let you know if I see a change in the lines and dryness of my skin.

xx A

P.S. I promised Anita to mention that it is really important not to buy any cheap copies of the dermaroller as this might entail a big risk of infections and damage to the skin. After having tried it I also understand the importance of getting the right instructions before “rolling away” at home.


4 thoughts on “Something about skin care and test of dermaroller

    1. Hi Puan
      So far it is working out really well. It feels like my skin products are absorbed better and that there is more of a glow to my skin. I will do an update in 4-6 weeks with my initial results. I especially hope to see that the fine lines on my forehead and around the eyes have gotten smaller/less visible
      Br Anne

  1. Hej 🙂
    Hvordan kombinerer du a-vitamin og bioEffect? Er lidt i tvivl, hvordan det fungerer bedst? Og hvilken slags a-vitamin er du blevet anbefalet? – Og egentlig vil jeg også gerne høre, hvornår du dermaroller?
    Mange spørgsmål .. Ups :/
    på forhånd tak for hjælpen 🙂
    Mvh Anne

    1. Hej Anne
      Jeg ruller hver 3. dag og påfører A-vitamin umiddelbart efter “rulning”. Indtil videre er det alene A-vitamin, der “følger med” rullen, idet vi lige afventer min huds reaktion (jeg har meget tør og følsom hud) Hvis alt går vel, starter jeg formentlig op på Retriderm A-vitamin om en månedstid.
      Jeg ruller ved 20-tiden og påfører der A-vitamin og hyaloron maske. Når jeg så går i seng putter jeg EGF serummet fra BioEffect på.
      Håber svaret kan bruges.
      Mvh Anne

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