Acai bowl

When I was in Kona last year I tasted the Acai bowl for the first time – and I was immediately in love!

After that I tried to buy one in Singapore but it wasn’t as good as the one I got in Kona. However, last week I found a really good place in Singapore which makes an awesome Acai bowl. I asked for one without banana and even though they usually add banana to the base they made one without bananas. I had one with blueberry, strawberry, granola and cocoa nibs as topping and it was amazing.


But you can make it just a you want as they have a lot of different toppings to choose between.


I’m sure there are lots of great places to go for an Acai bowl but I can definitely recommend this place. It’s called Absolute Acai and is located in CBD at 3 Pickering Street.

Have you found any good places in Singapore to buy an Acai bowl?

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