Velvet on my mind

I have velvet on my mind…

I guess that because I was born in the 80s and not the 70s I do not have a great aversion against velvet.

Au contraire!

At the moment I would not mind stocking up on everything velvet from pillows, to chairs, drapes, sofas and I could go on. Ask me again in a few years and will probably say: What were you thinking?! But for now I am totally in love.

Usually I am much more of “Nordic interior” kind of girl but there is just something very exclusive about the fabric: the looks, the feel and the depth in the colors.

I have bought some pillowcases from H&M that in a simple (and affordable way) brings a little velvet into our home right now.

In the mean time I am dreaming of these beauties which are a few of my favorite velvet things at the moment.

xx A


1. Teal sofa from Formel A
2. Circus pouf from Normann Copenhagen
3. Pillow case from H&M
4. Blue sofa from Sofakompagniet
5. Green pillow from Christina Lundsteen
6. Chair from Gubi

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