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For a long time I have used Rudolph Care sun face creme and sun body oil and I really like it. Some sun cremes are really thick and uncomfortable but these are really good and I can definitely recommend it!

I have always been fascinated of the story behind Rudolph Care. The founder, Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph, was happily pregnant in 2006 when Greenpeace tested her body and blood for harmful substances. Although she was one of the youngest of eight test persons, she was the one who had most chemicals in her blood. She found out that all the chemicals came from her beauty products. She looked far and wide for new beauty products but didn’t find any products that lived up to her desire for high quality, exclusive and non-toxic luxury. She decided to create what she had searched for and developed Rudolph Care.

Recently Rudolph Care launched “Rudolph Hair” and I really wanted to try the shampoo. I looked at the webshop and ended up buying a few more products than just the shampoo:


I’m very excited to try my new products, in particular the body oil, cleansing foam and the shampoo.

The delivery time is fast and if you live outside the EU you get 25% of your order!

What’s your favourite beauty products?

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