Running while pregnant

Training, including running, is a frequently discussed topic and a topic people have very different opinions on. I’m in no way an expert so just wanted to share a few articles and a documentary which I find useful and interesting.

Below are links to a new documentary about elite runner Sarah Brown who was training to make to the U.S. 2016 Olympic track team while pregnant. There are four episodes.

Sarah Brown – episode 1

Sarah Brown – episode 2

Sarah Brown – episode 3

Sarah Brown – episode 4

One of my friends and teammates has also written an article about training during first trimester on her blog. This article is also good to read if you are training in a hot and humid country.

Another great place to get information on this topic is on Salty Running blog. Search for “pregnant” or “pregnancy” and you will find some good articles.

I hope some of the above is helpful if your are looking for information regarding running while pregnant.

Would love to hear if any of you have interesting inputs on this topic.

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