Design your own changing table

When I started buying stuff for the baby room all my friends with kids told me that the changing table was one of the most important furniture as it will be used so much and in so many years.

I was quite sure how my changing table should look like and I started looking around on websites and in stores to see if I could find something I liked. I had a few but important requirements: It should be on wheels as it should be easy to move around, I wanted to stand in front of my little baby when changing her (i.e the front of the changing table should be where her feet are), there should be drawers but it shouldn’t be full of draws as it should still look light and I wanted to have easy access to diapers, wet towels, etc. without the changing table being too big.

After searching on websites for a long time I found out it wouldn’t be easy to find a changing table which met these requirements. What to do then? I decided to design it myself and found a company in Singapore, called The Kids Carpenter, that makes customised furniture. I contacted The Kids Carpenter and asked whether they would be able to make a changing table if I made a drawing of the changing table. They replied immediately and after some communication back and forth we had a drawing with measurements which met all my requirements. Luckily they were able to make it almost as I imagined it to look like – only a few details were not possible.

They kept me updated while they made the changing table and sent me a few pictures of the table “in the making” which was really nice and I was very comfortable that the result would be good. They were able to make the changing table and deliver it to my place around 10 days after I ordered it – great service.

Here are a few pictures of the result:



I really like it and can’t recommend The Kids Carpenter enough as the service and quality is really high and the price is reasonable too.

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