New beauty products

For a long time I have used Rudolph Care sun face creme and sun body oil and I really like it. Some sun cremes are really thick and uncomfortable but these are really good and I can definitely recommend it! I have always been fascinated of the story behind Rudolph Care. The founder, Andrea Elisabeth

Plant market

While Trine spent her long weekend in Perth, Australia, I went to a pop up plant market in the meatpacking district (Kødbyen) in Copenhagen this Saturday with my sisters. Every weekend there is a street food market in Kødbyen but this weekend there was a special plant feature which based on the number of people

Little things

The past few weeks have been full of nice little things. I continuously forget to take pictures but I assume (hope) that this is because I am present in the moment and not focusing on how everything can be blog related. I have noticed one thing though. The center of the best times is often

Anne’s Spring List – 10 Things To Do This Spring

March is here which means that spring is here. Spring is one of my favorite times of the year. After a long dark and cold winter spring brings longer days and warmer temperatures (at some point). It is so energizing that it is not dark both when you leave for work and when you go