Enjoying the little things

Yesterday Emily posted her weekly challenge: This weeks challenge is not about doing without anything (as with the coffee and phone challenge) but all about really enjoying something every day this week. Wether it’s eating a piece of chocolate (and really tasting and enjoying it), putting on a face mask, baking a cake, having a

The Winter/Early Spring List – 10 things to do in January, February and March

A little late – I know but a new year means a new list of things to do for the following months. This list is not going to be a new year resolution list. I do not have a lot of new year resolutions for myself – other than to take care of myself and

1st Wedding Anniversary – The gift made of paper

What to give your husband/wife at your first wedding anniversary? I wanted to find something special, something personal, something homemade but also something made of paper since the first wedding anniversary is your “Paper Wedding Anniversary“. I searched online for a long time and there are actually a lot of good suggestions if you google